Interesting Facts About Echinopsis Peruviana

Echinopsis Peruviana (also known as Peruvian Torch) is a very useful cactus species that has many benefits in terms of medicine. Don’t you ever think that this cactus can be used for anti-dandruff shampoo? we got a lot more interesting facts about them.

The main shocking point about this species is their versatility in either medical or even construction uses. This article will lead you to explore more about these Peru original cactus.

Basic Information

Scientific Name : Echinopsis peruviana (Britton & Rose)

Also Known As : Cereus rosei, Trichocereus torataensis, Trichocereus tacnaensis, Trichocereus peruvianus, Trichocereus pachanoi

Family: Cactaceae

Recommended Living Ecosystem: Echinopsis peruviana loves to live in a relatively cool place with an average temperature between 10°C – 24°C. However, they have a high tolerance for cold weather called ‘Frost Tender’ tolerance.

Growth Habits: It only needs a little amount of water. Therefore good drainage is something really important to have. When they reach maturity, beautiful white flowers will bloom nicely from its main body.

Unique Beneficial

  1. Anti-dandruff Shampoo. The mucilage of this plant is the main composition to make a natural shampoo formula.
  2. Sore Throat Healer. Put the stem into boiling water to extract its healing chemical essence. Then drink the remaining stew water to reduce the sore of your throat.
  3. Antirheumatic Water. Soak the cut stem for 24 hours into normal water.  Pour the water into a jar so you can use it to wash the area of pain.
  4. Construction. An echinopsis peruviana stalks are a good wood for construction of a house and another architectural building.

How To Propagate Echinopsis Peruviana

Like any majority of other cactus plants, Echinopsis Peruviana can be propagated using its cuttings. Cut the top 15cm of a cactus column with a nice and sharp knife. Let the cutting surface to dry for about 2 weeks. The dried surface creating a seal that prevents any microorganisms to penetrate inside the plants when it is growing. After the drying process, bury the cutting surface into a maximum of 2,5 cm deep. For an optimum result, mix together the main media with sand and perlite.

Like what we said at the start, Echinopsis Peruviana has so many interesting facts. We are very glad to present this enlightenment to all the cactus lovers.


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