7 Beautiful Type Cactus With Pink Flowers

Besides the cactus body which fully covered with spikes, they are hiding some beautiful treasure. A bright colored flower can sprout out from its body. Get ready for a beautiful surprise.

Cactus are great for decorating your landscape, either indoor and outdoor. Sometimes we forget that these spiked plants also can grow a beautiful flower. There is a special treat needed in order to have their flower sprouted, but we will discuss that technique later. In this post, we will please your eyes with a series of beautiful pink colored cactus flower species.

1. Acanthocalycium glaucum

Acanthocalycium glaucum. Image Source: Homestratosphere.com

These thinly shaped body cactus have a scientific name as its common name. Besides being able to grow light pink flowers, this cacti/cactus species sometimes sprout red, orange, and even gold colored flowers. Acanthocalycium glaucum is considered into a houseplant, which means it can be grown outside their native habitat.

2. Ariocarpus Kotschoubeyanus Subsp. Elephantidens

Elephantidens. Image via  lifle.com

From a glance look, This species of cactus has a rock-solid skin and body. Some people even associated their skin to a dinosaur’s skin. But who knows how instantly it turns to be a beautiful creature when its flower has fully grown. This 6 inches maximum height plant has pink flowers with purple tendencies.

3. Arrojadoa theunisseniana

Arrojodoa Family / Image via  Monaconatureencyclopedia.com

Cactus with ‘Arrojadoa’ front name has identical similarity by its cute little pink flowers. This species can grow up to 48 inches tall. It also has a special characteristic to attract birds.

4. Aylostera narvaecensis

 Ball Shaped Cactus. Image via Amazon.com

This ball-shaped cactus often tricky when we just see it at a glance. Even though its whole body is covered by a potentially harmful spike, once the flower blooms, nobody can deny its beauty. Good news for you as it is included as a houseplant.

5. Beaver Tail Cactus (Opuntia Basilaris)

Beaver Tail Cactus. Image via Pexels / Amberdiehl

Opuntia Basilaris is famous for the market name of ‘Beaver Tail Cactus’. They have high resistance to drought. Beaver Tail Cactus can grow up to 36 inches in their natural habitat.

6. Brain Cactus 

Brain Cactus / Image via Worldofsucculents.com

Actually, there is another species called ‘brain cactus’ that is mammilaria elongata. The one that we want to discuss here has a scientific name as ‘Stenocactus Multicostatus’. The main attraction of this cactus is the unique shape that leads them to be named like that.

7. Christmas Cactus 

The Famous Christmas Cactus / Image via Almanac.com

Christmas Cactus is the most famous pink flowering cactus. The cactus with the scientific name of Schlumbergera Truncata are grown by many cactus lovers all around the world.

The fact that cactus can grow such a beautiful flower has been successfully encouraging more people to grow their own cactus. Have you decided on which will you grow first?